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An amazing female boxer that deserves a lot more attention: Stacia Suttles

Unsung Hero: The Remarkable Boxing Career of Stacia Suttles

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Stacia is an amazing boxer! I have taken several of her classes, and looked forward to them each week. She made them fun, challenging, and she always took the time to explain the routine in detail and remind us about good form. 
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Best of luck to this incredible boxer!!!! You are admired by a lot!!
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I have seen Stacia in action and she is truly incredible. She also teaches extremely well. So hoping for her to get into the Olympics!
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Stacia Suttles is an incredible female boxer who deserves much more recognition.
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Have watched some of Stacia’s training videos and she is really incredible. Have really high hopes for her boxing career!
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Stacia is just such an amazing boxer and athlete. She is such an inspiration!
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