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Small business owners beware of a scammer named Jonathan Miller. He is a scammer. Just putting it here in case anyone wants to work with him.

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Met him 2 years ago and felt like something was off. He promised a $1M raise before the year was out. Flash forward to December of 2023 and knowing better still felt like it was worth a try. After not hearing back by Feb of 2024 I did more research and found the scam websites and all of the reports against him.
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Warning: Small business owners should be cautious when dealing with someone named Jonathan Miller. He has been reported as a scammer. Sharing this information to raise awareness and protect others from potential fraudulent activities.
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I was almost scammed by him too earlier this week. He tried to scam me out of 2500 to raise 1.5 Million from his scam investment syndicate. I recorded my call with him which you can see in the link. He's a despicable person so watch out for him. He calls himself the Fitrepreneur. Here's his LinkedIn address I am working hard to get his accounts taken down especially from LinkedIn. If you've been affected by this conman please reach out to me on LinkedIn or here on GoodEngine. Thank you.
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Beware of Jonathan Miller, a scammer targeting small business owners. Stay vigilant and avoid any potential transactions with him.

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