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What are the symptoms of depression?

Understanding the Signs of Depression: Recognizing the Warning Signals and Seeking Help

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The symptoms of depression can vary from person to person, but they typically include a combination of emotional, cognitive, physical, and behavioral signs. To be diagnosed with depression, these symptoms must persist for at least two weeks and significantly interfere with daily functioning.
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I can relate to this, but feel I have more better days than not so consider myself not going through depression.
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Wanting to sleep more than usual, feeling easily overwhelmed, isolating and irritability are early signs of depression for me. I have found that a combo of exercise and antidepressants keep me from falling into anything unmanageable now. 
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In my experience if it is a loved one you will start to really notice their mood change.
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In my experience it definitely starts with a noticeable mood change.
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Nothing seems to make me happy anymore. Things that used to make me laugh don't.
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Beyond sadness, what other signs hint at depression? Seeking a comprehensive understanding of common symptoms can help identify and address mental health challenges effectively.

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It is so easy to feel depressed. Some days I feel so down. Any advice?