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What do you find helpful in staying consistent with your workouts? This can be inspiring to others who read this.

Tips for Staying Consistent with Your Workout Routine and Achieving Your Fitness Goals

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There are a few things I do to stay consistent: 1. I set realistic goals that fit in with the rest of my life - for example it is not realistic for me to work out 7 days a week so I never feel I have to do so. 2. I find playing music while I box extremely helpful and there are studies that show that listening to music while exercising helps.  3. On days that I really don't really feel like working out I talk myself into doing just a short workout as it is better than nothing - some days I do the short workout, other days once I have started, I keep going and do a longer workout - sometimes getting started is the hardest thing.  4. I think it is also important to celebrate the wins and not focus on the negatives as much. If you feel better about yourself, you are more likely to work out than if you are beating yourself up. 5. Listen to your body - if you are really sick or injured and can't work out, don't - I have tried to push through a couple of times when I shouldn't have and it took me longer to get back to it. If you aren't that sick or have an injury that is going to be exacerbated by boxing, hit that bag - you'll often end up feeling better!
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For me it has been training with a virtual trainer 3 times a week. Having a trainer keeps me accountable. I never want to miss since someone is waiting for me.
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Anytime you help yourself it makes you feel great. After each boxing workout I feel good. Feeling good helps me be nice to others and want to help them!
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Giving myself realistic goals that I can actually achieve keeps me motivated. Hearing about other people’s success stories really helps too. 
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Staying consistent with workouts requires finding inner motivation and establishing a routine. Firstly, set clear goals to work towards and remind yourself of their importance regularly. Secondly, find a workout style that resonates with you to make it enjoyable instead of a chore. Thirdly, create a realistic schedule and stick to it, treating workouts like non-negotiable appointments. Additionally, track your progress to witness improvements and stay motivated. Surrounding yourself with a supportive community or workout buddy can further boost motivation and accountability. Lastly, remember that progress is not always linear, and perseverance pays off. Stay determined, prioritize self-care, and embrace the journey towards a healthier and stronger you!
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I always use my workout time as a way to escape and doing something good for myself. I find that it is way more than physical and for me more of a therapy.
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Doing live workouts definitely helps for accountability. On demand are great, but sometimes having too much free time makes working out less of a priority.
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I find it very important to set an achievable goal. Once I have a goal in mind it gives me something to work towards each day that I wake up.
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