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Write about the last time you experienced a strong emotion. Describe the sensations, thoughts, and actions that accompanied that feeling. Let your words flow freely.

The Power of Emotions: Reflecting on a Recent Emotional Rollercoaster Ride

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I get many strong emotions the more I age! The most happiest ones are when I have my family all together. I look around and beam at my three grown children with all they have accomplished and still are accomplishing. I look at my 3 grandchildren so young and innocent and the reaction I feel when they call me Grandma or smile so brightly when they recognize me! All these feelings fill me another emotion- an intense love for God because it is He who has blessed me. Amen.
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The last time I experienced a strong emotion was when I received news that a loved one had passed away. I remember feeling a wave of sadness wash over me, accompanied by a heaviness in my chest and tears streaming down my face. My thoughts were consumed with memories of times shared with that person and the realization that they were now gone. In that moment, all I could do was cling to loved ones for support and try to process the overwhelming emotions that came with loss. It was a deeply emotional experience that left me feeling raw and vulnerable.
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Immense feeling of happiness and joy. The way he laughs just makes me bubble up inside. His smile and his teeth. The way he giggles knowing just how silly I am with him.
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When I watched my husband read a book to our son. The way our son looked at his dad, his giggles about the funny voices his father was making, and the simplicity of the pure joy and trust between them filled me with such a feeling of love and gratitude. There are so many moments of mundane, stressful, anxious, and bored on any given day, but moments of being happy and at peace in the moment are fewer and far between. It is a moment and a feeling I will refer back to mentally the next time I feel afraid or worried. 
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The first win for my fighter. The feeling was an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and the thoughts that all of the hard work and training were worth it.
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